What’s New on our calendar – December 8, 2019

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New events added through December 8, 2019 

Be sure to check ConferenceKeeper.org for your location to see ALL the genealogy events happening near you.

New Genealogy Events:

BC – CRUISE/Sep 12-19/British Columbia Genealogical Society Celebrating Its 50th Anniversary in 2021 with a 7 Day Cruise to Alaska with Blaine T. Bettinger and Mary Kathryn Kozy https://www.facebook.com/groups/503171243562227/

CA/Dec 21 /WAGS Meeting

CA/Jan 25 /WAGS Annual Seminar featuring Dear MYRTLE.  www.wagswhittier.org

GA/Dec 07 /How to Get Ready to Search Irish Records www.cvlga.org https://www.muscogeegenealogy.com/

GA/Dec 14 /Utilizing Newspapers for Genealogical Research with Callie McGinnis www.cvlga.org https://www.muscogeegenealogy.com/

NY/Jan 02 /The German Genealogy Group SHOW ‘N’ TELL – presenters are GGG Members. Members are encouraged to bring along their favorite finds.  www.theGGG.org

NY/Feb 06 /The German Genealogy Group – Using DNA to Solve Family Mysteries – presenter Susan Jaycox www.theGGG.org

TX/Nov 13 /2020 TxSGS Family History Conference https://www.txsgs.org/

Genealogy Contests

Contests sometimes come and go quickly. Watch our website:  ConferenceKeeper.org/genealogy-contests

Get ready for RootsTech 2020 Salt Lake City pass giveaways! The Ambassadors all have a free 4-day pass to give away and we’ll post as many contests as we can here as they become available!

Below are JUST THE NEWLY ADDED CONTESTS! See our website for ALL of the current Genealogy Giveaways!

  • ENTER BY Dec 11 Win a 4-day pass to RootsTech 2020 from Carolina Girl Genealogy / Genealogy 1-on-1
  • ENTER BY Dec 12 On Instagram? Enter this contest to win a 4-day pass to RootsTech 2020 from FamilyHistorianMom.
  • ENTER BY Dec 13 Win a Free 4-day Pass to RootsTech 2020 from Alice Childs Professional Genealogy Services
  • ENTER BY Dec 15 Win a 4-day RootsTech pass from Kathleen Doherty Kaldis
  • ENTER BY Dec 15 Win a Free 4-day Pass to RootsTech 2020 from the Family History Detectives
  • ENTER BY Dec 17 RootsTech 2020 Giveaway – Win a 4 Day Pass!
  • ENTER BY Dec 19 Win a 4-day pass to RootsTech 2020 from GeneaVlogger!
  • ENTER BY Dec 19 Win a 4-day Pass to RootsTech 2020 from the FamilyHistory4u blog
  • ENTER BY Dec 19 Win a 4-day Pass to RootsTech 2020 from @thekindredpress on Instagram
  • ENTER BY Dec 19 Win a 4-day Pass to RootsTech 2020 from Flora Familiar
  • ENTER BY Dec 22 RootsTech 2020 Giveaway – Win a 4 Day Pass from the Jennyalogy blog
  • ENTER BY Dec 23 Win a 4-day Pass to RootsTech 2020 from the Antecedentia blog
  • ENTER BY Dec 23 Win a 4-Day Pass to RootsTech 2020 in SLC from The Edge of Snowdonia blog
  • ENTER BY Dec 24 ENTER THE “YOUR TICKET TO ROOTSTECH 2020” GIVEAWAY from My Descendant’s Ancestors
  • ENTER BY Dec 30 Win a 4-day pass to RootsTech 2020 from One Branch At a Time blog
  • ENTER BY Dec 31 Win a 4-day Pass to RootsTech 2020 from the Rejoice, and Be Exceeding Glad blog

Calls for Papers

Check our website for full details of ALL current Calls for Papers (Currently SIX):


Below you’ll find both newly added, and those with upcoming submission deadlines.

  • NEW! Submit by May 31 /Call for Papers for the 2021 Ohio Genealogical Society Conference
  • Find more speaking opportunities on our website!

Upcoming Deadlines

 Check your Location’s page in the Agenda mode to see a list of upcoming events in your area.

 Genealogy Jobs

Find a job that uses your genealogy research skills! Check out what we’ve found at Conferencekeeper.org/genealogy-jobs

These are the jobs we added this week:

  • Library Assistant – Library & Archives Commission, Austin,
  • Assistant Archivist – Sinsinawa Dominicans, Inc., Sinsinawa, WI
  • Library Local History & Genealogy Supervisor, Pittsfield, MA
  • Nordic Research Specialist, full-time temp for 6 months – FamilySearch
  • Researcher – colonial Southern U.S. – contractor; Legacy Tree Genealogists – Remote
  • Archdiocesan Records Assistant, Newark, NJ
  • Archivist I – Full Time – Archidiocese of Boston
  • Museum Historian Archivist – Cultural Preservation; Crandon, WI


Remember to check our website for more:

Genealogy Contests  ConferenceKeeper.org/genealogy-contests

Calls for Papers  ConferenceKeeper.org/call-for-papers

New Genealogy Jobs  Conferencekeeper.org/genealogy-jobs

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