American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSG) Convention

2016 07 13 GermRuss

Attend the 2016 AHSGR Convention at the Concord Hilton Hotel in Concord, Calif., July 13-16. 

Online registration is not available, but you may download the registration form and bring it with you to speed up your conference registration.

The convention’s theme is “Before the Storm.” It will focus on the conditions and life of the colonies from 1763 to 1916 in the Volga, Black Sea, and Ukraine areas of the Russian Empire prior to the Russian Revolution in 1917.

Welcome Night will be hosted by the AHSGR California Chapters on July 13. The opening general session will be on July 14, and the closing evening banquet is scheduled for July 16. AHSGR Board of Directors and Trustee meetings will be conducted July 11 through July 13.

The convention also will feature the winning entries of the 2016 AHSGR Storytelling Contest, a youth program, and a research room with access to the Internet, books and and other archival materials. The AHSGR bookstore, research room, registration area, and Heritage Hall will be open July 11 through July 16.

A Wine Country Tour is scheduled for Tuesday July 12, and a San Francisco City Tour is scheduled for Wednesday July 13. You will have the opportunity to have a picnic lunch in one of the beautiful wine country vineyards or see the sights of San Francisco.

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