Got 5 minutes? Check out these cool genealogy volunteer opportunities

We’ve re-vamped our Genealogy Volunteer Opportunities page! In the process, I was reminded just how interesting some of the projects listed are.  We’ve only got the transcription & indexing opportunities section updated so far, but I really think you’ll like how the page looks now.  It’s easier to see and navigate to the different projects and where they are from. There are all sorts of transcription and indexing projects, like the Smithsonian collections indexing, or the 19th and 20th century diaries transcription project from the Newberry Library.

5 minutes or 5 hours

Most of the projects listed will allow you to slip in and out, five minutes here and there. You can decide how much time you want to spend, without making a commitment. This makes it easy to help the genealogy community as a whole by donating a little bit of your time, whenever you can.

Great for all ages

The projects are perfect for people of all ages.  Don’t you think it would be a great way to get younger kids interested in history — and family history — by having them help decipher and transcribe Civil War era diaries, or military telegraph messages? Check them all out on our Genealogy Volunteer Opportunities page.

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July 30 – Join the Nationwide Service Project “Finding the Fallen” | Voice of Scouting

Join the Nationwide Service Project “Finding the Fallen” on July 30, 2016

Everyone is invited to help out this joint project of the Boy Scouts of America and to help preserve the memories of our fallen veterans, by photographing veteran memorials and headstones across the United States.

Boy Scouts and members of the United States Armed Forces are especially encouraged to participate in a nationwide service project, “Finding the Fallen,” on July 30.

For scouts, this helps complete requirement #7 of the Citizenship in the Community merit badge, or requirement #2 of the Citizenship in the Nation merit badge.

The article below even includes a link for aspiring Eagle Scouts.

For more information, see: Join the Nationwide Service Project “Finding the Fallen” | Voice of Scouting