Genealogy Jobs

Genealogy Jobs

Who wouldn’t want to spend all day doing genealogy and getting paid for it? But not everyone wants to be an independent researcher! So we thought it might be a good idea to have a page devoted to genealogy jobs, both full time and part time, that we come across from time to time. If you know of any, please submit them using our Submission tab.  For the “location” information, put JOBS.

Jobs are listed by their “Apply By” dates, and if no date is provided to us, the date will be set about two to four weeks out. Jobs listed may be already filled, but we try to keep things current.  Another place to watch for different kinds of genealogy jobs is the Genealogy Jobs page on Facebook.  Best of luck in landing your dream job 🙂


Please share ConferenceKeeper with your genealogy friends and society members. And don’t forget to submit any events you come across that we don’t already have on our calendar, whether they are “your” events or not! Genealogy is so much more fun with friends 🙂  Thank you so very much for your support!  ~ tami

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