Going to RootsTech? How about a 4-day RootsTech pass for free?


Don’t miss out on any of the opportunities to win a full, 4-day RootsTech pass, worth about $279!  Last count there were about 16 different contests, with 22 passes up for grabs, posted on our Contests page, but the number varies nearly daily — some entry deadlines arrive, and some new contests are posted.

Here’s why there are so many of these contests going on right now. The wonderful folks who run RootsTech know that there is a huge genealogy community on the Internet, who read blogs and follow social media. Every year they invite several of the most influential of these folks — I’d like to say the cream of the crop, but I’ve been included in the chosen few for most every year now, so that may not entirely be the case 🙂 —  Anyway, seriously, this group of folks they invite to be RootsTech Ambassadors are asked to promote the conference publicly and regularly, so that everyone and anyone who may be interested in family history knows about this really fun and educational event. In return, Ambassadors are not only given a free pass for themselves, but an additional pass to give away.  These Ambassador giveaways will be completed by the end of November.

A little secret…

Now you know why there are so many giveaways right now. And in addition to the RootsTech Ambassadors, the UK FamilyTree magazine is giving away 6 passes.  Granted, they may have thousands of entrants, but between you and me? In past years, some of the blogger contests only had a few dozen entries, making the odds of winning pretty darn good! And if you’ve already registered and win, the RootsTech folks will refund your original registration. It’s just a win, win, everybody wins kinda thing.

Enter ALL the contests, and tell your friends about them. Our website’s contest page is the only place to find them all listed in one place! Follow us on Facebook & Twitter too, to get updates when new contests are posted.

Good luck!