Calendar bites, Jan. 13


  • Horatio Alger, Jr., 1834. American clergyman from Massachusetts and author of over 100 popular books for boys, mostly around the theme that honesty, frugality and hard work assured the heroes would achieve success, wealth, and fame.
  • Salmon Portland Chase, 1808. American statesman from New Hampshire, one of the founders of the Republican Party, spent most of his life fighting slavery, hence his nickname, “attorney general for runaway Negroes”.
  • Alfred Carl Fuller, 1885, in Canada. Founder of the Fuller Brush Company.


  • Norway: Tyvendedagen. “Twentieth Day”, traditional end of the Christmas season
  • Russia: Old New Year’s Eve. Some folks in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine still celebrate based on the old Julian calendar. Who hasn’t been confused by that enough already?
  • Sweden: St. Knut’s Day. Marks the end of the Christmas season in Sweden.

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