Calendar bites, Jan. 15


  • Lloyd Bridges, 1913. Actor best known for his role in the TV show “Sea Hunt”.
  • Ray Chapman, 1891. Record-setting shortstop for the Cleveland Indians, was the first major league baseball fatality when he was beaned by NY Yankees pitcher Carl Mays.
  • Martin Luther King Jr., 1929 Civil rights leader, minister, and advocate of nonviolent protests.
  • Philip Livingston, 1716. Merchant and signer of the Declaration of Independence.


Arbor Day in Florida. Where else would it be warm enough in January to plant trees?

International Fetish Day. One of the definitions of “fetish” is “a course of action to which one has an excessive and irrational commitment.” So in other words, Happy Genealogy Research Day!

Genealogy Events

The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy starts wrapping up their week-long education fest today.

Today is the deadline for submitting presentation proposals for the Northwest Genealogy Conference in Washington state in August.

Check our calendar  or individual state pages for other genealogy events this weekend.

Know of any other upcoming events? Please use the Submission tab and let us know!