NYPL: Family History Day, June 18

Saturday, June 18th, the New York Public Library (NYPL) is hosting Family History Day, which will include lectures, instructional sessions from professional genealogists, research consultations, and a craft room for children to make and design their own genealogical creations.

Family History Day is free event consisting of multiple events scheduled concurrently. Registered guests can attend all the events, or just a few. Unregistered guests can attend, but cannot be guaranteed a seat. Smaller sessions and consultations are first come, first served.

Presentation titles include:

Finding Your World War One Ancestors
Treasure Trove at NYC Municipal Archives
Stories From Ellis Island
Getting Started In Genealogy
You Can Get That Online
I’ve Clicked a Million Leaves, Now What?
Writing Your Family History
Genealogy Roadshow, with D. Joshua Taylor

Register today! http://www.nypl.org/familyhistoryday

2016 06 18 NYPL FH Day

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