ConferenceKeeper & Geneabloggers proclaim February 1 as #GenealogySelfie Day

FOR RELEASE: 26 January 2016
Contact: Eowyn or Tami,

ConferenceKeeper & Geneabloggers proclaim February 1 as #GenealogySelfie Day

The genealogy community is a friendly and rather social bunch.  They share knowledge, information, documents, research triumphs and struggles, joys, sorrows – even pictures of cats. So why not selfies? Chances are good that if you’re on Facebook or Twitter, you have a hefty number of “genealogy” friends – many that you probably have never met in person, but regularly interact with through Likes, Shares, and Comments on one another’s posts.  Peruse your list of “genealogy’ friends and you’ll most likely find that many use a photo of an ancestor, or a baby picture, as their profile pic.  It adds quite the variety to your friends list, but you wouldn’t know them if you ran into them in the vendor hall at a conference, or sat next to them at a workshop. And with RootsTech just around the corner, there’s an opportunity to possibly run into thousands of them in person!

ConferenceKeeper and Geneabloggers are delighted to offer a solution. They are officially proclaiming February 1st as #GenealogySelfie Day – a day for social folks who love genealogy to snap a picture of themselves and share it on Facebook and/or Twitter with the hashtag #GenealogySelfie.  It will be fun to put faces to names, and increase the chances of recognizing one another at RootsTech and other upcoming events and conferences.

Join in the fun for the first ever #GenealogySelfie Day on February 1.

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Are you related to:

  • Robert Boyle, 1627. Irish physicist, chemist and author who formulated Boyle’s law, “The absolute pressure exerted by a given mass of an ideal gas is inversely proportional to the volume it occupies if the temperature and amount of gas remain unchanged within a closed system.”
  • Robert Burns, 1759. Scottish poet who turned the folk traditions and dialects of Scotland into lyrics and ballads, most well known being “Auld Lang Syne”.. Also hailed as a farmer, lover of women, father of at least 11 children, and a freemason.
  • Etta James, 1938.  R&B singer.
  • Florence Mills, 1896. The leading black American singer and dancer of the Jazz Age.
  • Itzhak Stern, 1901. Oskar Schindler’s accountant, who helped compiled the famous Schindler’s list of Jews that would have otherwise been sent to death camps had they not been given work histories that qualified them instead for transfer to work at Schindler’s plant in Krakow.
  • Virginia Woolf, 1882. English novelist.



  • Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. No words necessary.
  • First Winter Olympics was held in 1924.
  • Debut of the Macintosh computer.

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