ConferenceKeeper.org is the most complete calendar and collection of genealogy events on the Internet.  Just as there is never an end to our genealogy research, there is never an end to our genealogy education. There is always something more, or something new to learn, to enhance our family histories, and help us find those elusive ancestors.

When is the next national family history conference? Where is the closest genealogy society meeting held? Bookmark our site and check back often to find the genealogy education opportunities coming to your area, or to your area of interest. There are conferences devoted to DNA and Genetic Genealogy; to religious or ethnic groups; and to specific location research!

Events are posted on the Calendar tab, as well as under the specific page of their location. Along with a listing of events, those pages also include links to useful research websites specific to each location, including genealogical and historical societies, and more.

Are you a speaker or an author? Check out the Call for Paper section and our Speakers list under the “Opportunities” Tab.  Are you interested in family history contests? Those can also be found under the “Opportunities” tab, in – you guessed it – Contests. Are you looking for genealogy Grants or Scholarships? We’ve got those listed also.

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